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Mission and Vision
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The Central Texas Jazz Society is a charitable non-profit association. The mission of the CTJS is to assist in the preservation and growth of jazz as a part of our cultural heritage and tradition through public awareness and education and by fostering an environment for jazz artists to learn and develop.


What we seek to foster:

  1. Provide a venue for local artists to develop and network through sponsoring, producing and promoting showcases or jam sessions where professional and semi-professional musicians can perform before a live audience,
  2. Contribute to the cultural diversity of our local and surrounding communities by sponsoring, producing and promoting educational opportunities through scheduled activities,
  3. Seek to promote and develop a reference network for accessing an archive of jazz recordings that would be available at no cost to the public for the purpose of research and education,
  4. Maintain a registry of professional jazz musicians and educators within our community and state,
  5. Collaborate with interested organizations, agencies or individuals in providing educational or entertaining events and maintain an affiliation with Temple College by supporting the College’s Division of Fine Arts with its various jazz activities,
  6. Publish a newsletter to communicate information on regional jazz activities, releases of jazz recordings and features of historical and cultural significance.

The vision of the Central Texas Jazz Society (CTJS) is to provide a unity of purpose with educational opportunities for the jazz community, heightening public awareness and an appreciation for Jazz.  CTJS will strive to be a vital link between the jazz fan, our local jazz community and the national jazz scene by encouraging people of all ages to participate in jazz—to study the music, attend concerts, listen to jazz radio and recordings, read about jazz, and support various jazz programs.